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Invitation to be on the Advisory Board of Indgiants Pvt Ltd

In the current era, where technology is rapidly evolving, the Education sector has also taken the support of technology to offer convenient ways to enhance the cognizance quotient of the learners and enable them to visualize even the most complex concepts through creative innovations.We, at Indgiants Pvt. Ltd., welcome the integration of the fascinating world of technology and digital media with conventional classroom teaching to evolve a unique concept that focuses on uninterrupted teaching during this pandemic situation.
The Hybrid Organized System Training (HOST); a simple and elegant eLearning pedagogy has brought with it, a sea change in the education methodologies. The HOST eLearning platform from MindHosts provides online, offline (Face-to-face) and self-paced learning access to learners to upgrade their knowledge and skills. HOST helps trainers and students to adopt an innovative methodology, by bringing to their finger-tips, the ease of training and learning from the comfort of their homes.
MindHosts is a robust online education portal (Web, Android and IOS) and is easily customizable. It is secure in all aspects, offering different packages that would provide all the key features to enable educational institutions, schools, colleges and universities to continue without further disruptions during the present pandemic situation.

Our team at Indgiants inspired me to share my humble participation in witnessing the evolution of the unique concept of the ‘HOST eLearning Platform’ with the vision of realizing a ‘smart education system’.

Knowledge acquisition cannot be placed in a time frame. It is an ever-changing dynamic event that moves from one generation to another and its journey is eternal and unstoppable. But presently, its methodology has been struck with a lightening blow.
Whenever mankind encountered inadequacies in its progress, Science has evolved with a solution. MindHosts ‘HOST eLearning Platform’ has been one such technological and scientific instrument of change. It is being introduced to bring the required changes in the traditional educational system to help the society adopt to the current situation.

HOST eLearning provides to its users, smart access to all the learning tools thus resulting in a great teaching and learning experience. At a time when the faculty needs the academic support that enhances their classroom teaching, MindHosts finds a way to integrate the classroom teaching with technology and the required digital media tools. It also supports the vision of every education system that includes the satisfaction of students and this is what finally restores people’s faith in an Institution.

If we honestly hope to help the younger generations to achieve their potential and realize a smarter planet, then Indgiants and MindHosts will have to get a lot smarter. Indgiants is seeking and achieving initiatives to provide technological services for empowering the educational institutions all over the world.

We at Indgiants Pvt. Ltd. are constantly working to offer the highest quality of education services globally by providing rich content to learners from all parts of the education sector across the globe.

Knowledge acquisition never paused, nor will it …
Cause, humans have evolved through innovations and creations whenever there was an alarm
Seeking opportunities amidst adversities…

Can Technology Replace Classrooms?

Host eLearning is not an alternative to conventional Classroom teaching, it is creating multiple options to all those passionate teachers to provide an enhanced learning experience to the learners through an adaptive and wise blend of Technology and Digital media integrating it with the classroom teaching.

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