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Unleash the true potential of education with the fusion of eLearning and ERP solutions.

HOST eLearning and ERP Solutions: Take your education to the next level

MindhostsPlus integrates eLearning with ERP solutions to revolutionize education, combining technology and pedagogy to enhance learning and streamline administration. Unlock education's potential with this dynamic blend, fostering student success, empowering teachers, and advancing institutional achievement. Embrace MindhostsPlus for the HOST eLearning Platform integrated with ERP solutions.

MindhostsPlus has evolved significantly since its inception. Originating with 'Train the Trainer' programs in the early 2000s, it catered to fresh post-graduates entering corporate education. Initially as Lecturersclub.com, it provided a digital academic resource repository for teachers and students. Over the years, it transformed into Mindhosts and later MindhostsPlus, integrating HOST eLearning and ERP solutions to enhance education's potential.

Innovative Solutions to Overcome Disruptions

In an era dominated by Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, the physical world has become a silent witness, profoundly impacted by the pandemic. Everything, including the concept of change itself, has undergone significant transformation.

Digital methods are supplanting physical endeavors. Educational institutions are also adjusting themselves to adapt to evolving global requirements and circumstances.

Schools, colleges, educational institutes, and coaching centers can now mitigate disruptions by adopting HOST eLearning and ERP solutions. This advanced, all-in-one eLearning platform integrates seamlessly with school management software and includes Android and iOS mobile apps for ease of use.

HOST eLearning and ERP solutions cater to the daily communication, operational, learning, and management needs of institutions through a hybrid organized system training platform integrated with ERP solutions. It includes essential features and seamlessly integrates with School Management Software, enhancing convenience and efficiency in academics and administration.

Who we are

MindhostsPlus.com was launched in July 2020 by Indgiants Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India. Founded by a team of seasoned academicians and IT professionals, Indgiants aims to create employment opportunities for youth through innovative connectivity between entrepreneurs and investors.

We are a prestigious software service company

with extensive expertise in education ERP solutions.

Who we are?

Envisioning the future of the education system that has been passive for over a decade and keeping the current global requirements in view, Indgiants has taken over the responsibility of coming up with an ideal system of education and administration to suit the current needs of educational institutions and designed an exclusive teaching/learning platform blended with administration called ‘HOST eLearning and ERP solutions’ MindhostsPlus. We were successful in converting MindhostsPlus into a fully operational educational services portal that would help Academic Institutions, Trainers and Learners globally.

MindhostsPlus.com is the brainchild of a team of highly experienced academicians and IT professionals introduced by Indgiants Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, India a startup launched during July 2020. The Cognizance of Indgiants has highly experienced experts staging themselves to provide employment opportunities to youth through their Creativity by establishing an everlasting Connectivity between Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Indgiants Preamble

Corporate India's role in the upcoming years is crucial. It must create value by addressing societal needs and bolster the vibrant entrepreneurial sector. Additionally, these sectors need awareness of production gaps and must engage with rural youth, fostering new developmental approaches. Indgiants has meticulously analyzed key sectors, identifying opportunities for growth. A detailed analysis of all the key sectors by Indgiants has resulted in the identification of

Deliver educational services through innovative connectivity and blended learning approaches.

Encourage local manufacturing of essential goods to lower cost overheads.

Promote nationwide franchise opportunities to foster growth in retail and wholesale dealership and distribution.

These are among the key areas identified by Indgiants to realize the dream of urbanizing rural India.

Reality of the New Normal

With the digital divide between the rural and urban India narrowing down, the governance is now able to achieve both digital and physical connectivity with the rural India. This gives birth to the scope for adopting creative and innovative solutions in each and every sector and in the process lend solidarity to India’s development.

The Indgiants team has been working smartly ever since. It’s putting its vison on smart work instead of hard work, smart online learning instead of physical learning in Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Universities.

What We Offer

MindhostsPlus offers schools, colleges and educational institutes and other coaching and training institutes a free digital platform through it’s easy to use and very advanced all-in-one eLearning portal along with an advanced Mobile App called “MindhostsPlus”.

This would definitely help all the Schools, Colleges, and Institutes to solve the problems faced by them during this pandemic through effective online communication, online learning and online management of all their academic and administrative needs which otherwise were carried out physically. MindhostsPlus web and mobile applications bring a lot of convenience and efficiency. It could be a runaway success as an extremely useful substitute to the conventional procedures which otherwise were in use until recently before the pandemic.